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Holly Brewer could be in Kyiv now, representing the United Kingdom with her song “I Wish I Loved You More”. But our SongHunt rules only allow songs that didn’t win their national finals, but got a lot of love in our Eurovision chat. This love took the song to the heats, the quarter-finals, the semi-finals, and now it’s one of the twelve candidates in the grand SongHunt final. What is SongHunt about, you may wonder? Well, for those who don’t know already: It’s about finding the best national final song of the Eurovision season!

From “Eurovision: You Decide” to SongHunt

Back in January, the United Kingdom held its national final “Eurovision: You Decide”, in which six entries competed for a ticket to Kyiv. Lucie Jones won and thus became the UK representative at the Eurovision Song Contest. Lucie Jones also won the highest mark in our chat, with an average score of 6.98 for her song “Never Give Up on You”, but only songs that didn’t win a national final can proceed to our own hunt for the best song of the Eurovision season: SongHunt.

In the end, it was Holly Brewer’s “I Wish I Loved You More” (average score in our chat: 6.71) and Olivia Garcia’s “Freedom Hearts” (6.48) that made it to our heats, but only one of the Brits fought her way to the final:

Holly Brewer – I Wish I Loved You More

Watch the song below, and if you like it, you might want to give it a vote in our SongHunt poll further down the page! Or maybe you like one of the other entries more? Whatever your choice, you can vote once in each 24-hour period. For full details, see our main post about the SongHunt final.

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