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Portugal wins the Eurovision Song Contest 2017

by | May 14, 2017

Portugal wins the Eurovision Song Contest 2017

by | May 14, 2017 | Eurovision, Featured |

Congratulations to Portugal, which has won the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time ever, with Salvador Sobral and his song “Amar Pelos Dois”. In the grand final, Portugal was the clear favourite of the juries and televoters alike, amassing a huge total of 758 points. The country has been waiting for its first Eurovision victory since making its debut in the year 1964. The winning song was written by the singer’s sister, Luisa Sobral.

Bulgaria and Moldova got their best results ever, finishing in second and third place respectively thanks to Kristian Kostov and the Epic Sax Guy-fuelled SunStroke Project. Just below them, Belgium achieved their third top ten result in the space of four years. Germany and Spain ended up stranded at the bottom of the table by some distance, with only one point between them – it was Manel Navarro who ended up taking last place.

As might be expected from the final results, the semi-finals were won by Portugal and Bulgaria respectively. Detailed results of semi-final 1, semi-final 2 and the grand final can be found on the official website.

image: EBU

Full results of the final:

  1. Portugal – 758 points
  2. Bulgaria – 615
  3. Moldova – 374
  4. Belgium – 363
  5. Sweden – 344
  6. Italy – 334
  7. Romania – 282
  8. Hungary – 200
  9. Australia – 173
  10. Norway – 158
  11. The Netherlands – 150
  12. France – 135
  13. Croatia – 128
  14. Azerbaijan – 120
  15. United Kingdom – 111
  16. Austria – 93
  17. Belarus – 83
  18. Armenia – 79
  19. Greece – 77
  20. Denmark – 77
  21. Cyprus – 68
  22. Poland – 64
  23. Israel – 39
  24. Ukraine – 36
  25. Germany – 6
  26. Spain – 5
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