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Albania sends “Mall” and makes us glad. Here’s how!

by | Dec 24, 2017

Albania sends “Mall” and makes us glad. Here’s how!

by | Dec 24, 2017 | Eurovision, Featured |

Eugent Bushpepa will represent Albania at ESC 2018 in Lisbon with his song “Mall”. Here’s how that, and Festivali i Këngës in general, makes us glad.

The results of the chat voting

We’re glad to see that Albania is trying something new at Eurovision.

We’re glad to see that one of our chat’s big favourites won the ticket to Lisbon.

We’re glad to have the first male solo singer for Albania at Eurovision since Luiz Ejlli.

We’re glad to see that Festivali i Këngës is still the beautiful mess among the national finals.

We’re glad that Festivali i Këngës was a good national final with a strong line-up on the last night.

source: Mariza Ikonomi (Facebook)

source: Mariza Ikonomi (Facebook)

We’re glad that the Albanian-Italian relationship got a lot of diplomatic attention over the three shows.

We’re glad that Mariza Ikonomi is still the persistent rare and odd jewel among Festivali i Këngës participants.

We’re glad that the show was over before 0:30.

We’d be glad to see a proper voting back at FiK next time. (Even more so if they decide to dust off the old Excel scoreboard.)

And last but not least, we’re glad that, once again, the first song of the ESC year is chosen before the ESC year even begins. It’s always our favourite Christmas gift.

Gëzuar festat to you all!

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