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RetroSongHunt 2004: Join us as we celebrate 20 years of #esc!

by | May 19, 2024 | Eurovision, Featured

RetroSongHunt 2004: Join us as we celebrate 20 years of #esc!

by | May 19, 2024 | Eurovision, Featured | 0 comments

On the first weekend of June, we’ll be hitting a big milestone in our history as an online community: our #esc chat reaches its 20th anniversary.

Yes, we can’t believe it either, but it’s true. Our chat community was born at the start of June 2004. And we want to recognise this milestone with a special event. Introducing: RetroSongHunt!

As many chat regulars will know, we’ve had the idea of a “retro” edition of our SongHunt feature for a long time now, but we never quite made it happen. Now it’s time. And whether it becomes a frequent event or just something we do sporadically, one thing was clear: the premiere edition to mark our anniversary naturally has to be dedicated to 20 years ago, and the legendary 2004 national final season.

Join us in the #esc chat at 20:00 CEST on Sunday 2 June, where we will watch and vote on a playlist of 20 specially curated non-winning (i.e. ROBBED) entries from the 2004 national final season. With exciting voting reveal videos and multiple rounds, of course – there’s nothing more super than a superfinal, after all.

We’re holding RetroSongHunt 2004 on a Sunday as that’s the usual SongHunt day that everyone knows, but our actual date of birth is 1 June 2004. Therefore, we also intend to have a kind of “anniversary party” in the chat on the evening of Saturday 1 June as a little warm-up for the Sunday night event – content still to be determined, but a group rewatch of ESC 2004 while we chat and decompress from the most recent contest is a definite possibility.

Anyway: whether you’re feeling post-Eurovision depression or post-Eurovision relief (or a mixture of both), we hope RetroSongHunt 2004 will be a nice way to help us all transition to the off-season, and we hope to see lots of you there to revisit some classic national final songs!

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