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Welcome to the Eurovision chat!

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Note that the use of the webchat on phone is limited, but definitely possible if you keep a few things in mind:

  1. after connecting, swipe up or down to see the full chat
  2. submit lines with “return
  3. make sure not to swipe within the main chat area

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Welcome to the Eurovision chat!

Please enter a nickname and connect. For support, see the "Help" tab.
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Welcome to the Eurovision chat!

Please enter a nickname and connect. For support, see the “Help” tab. 

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Eurovision 2021: The stage is set via @escgo

We complete our reviews of the semi 1 songs with the current bookmakers' favourite to win #Eurovision 2021: Malta! 🇲🇹

The Maltese PR machine goes into overdrive at this time of year - so what can it achieve with a genuinely marketable package like this?

With a month left until #Eurovision, that seems like a good time to look at what the betting markets are doing!

Who's qualifying for the final, who's going top 10 - and, of course, who'll win the whole thing? The gamblers know - or they think they do...

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The #esc chat is an international chatroom for Eurovision Song Contest fans around Europe and the whole world. If you want to get to know people from many different countries, this is the place for you.

The chat tends to be most active in the evening (European time) and during the national final and Eurovision season, as well as when we’re hosting one of our many chat events.

We love to chat about every aspect of ESC, but you’ll often find us talking about all kinds of other things too. There’s only one rule: Just be friendly, don’t be an idiot!

Like in ESC, we operate a free language policy – so if you find people who speak the same language(s) as you, feel free to communicate in that language. However, please try not to do long monologues in a language no one understands!

Don’t forget to read the topic whenever you enter the chat, whether you’re using our webchat or dedicated chat software. The topic is the technical term for the line at the top of every chat session, and it contains important information such as event announcements, links to relevant escgo! articles and dates for your diary.

If your question isn’t answered on this page, ask someone in the chat or get in touch via our Contact form.

How do I access the options menu?

  1. Click this icon in the top left corner of the chat window: menu
  2. Click “Options”.

What kind of nickname should I pick?
That’s up to you! Some of us make up a nickname using our real first name followed by the first letter of our surname. For example, Lys Assia might decide to use the nickname “LysA”. Try to avoid very common nicknames, as they may already be taken by another user and the server will change your nickname automatically.

Changing your nickname
Type the example line below, replacing “NewNickname” with the new nickname you want to use, then press enter:chat_01-300x19

Expressing an action in the third person
Type the example line below, replacing “listens to the winning song of 2030″ with whatever it is you are really doing:

Joining a subroom (useful on nights with multiple national finals)
Type the line below, replacing “#demoroom” with the desired room name:

Are there software-based alternatives to the webchat?

Yes, although we very much recommend using the webchat for the easiest possible access. There are many software-based options for both computers and smartphones. We recommend the following in particular:

mIRC for Windows
Textual for Mac

These might not get updated anymore:
Colloquy for Mac 
Mobile Colloquy for iPhone and iPad
AndChat for Android phones

You can find help and information on how to setup the software on the respective websites. Whatever software you use, you will need the following information to find us:

Chatroom: #esc


If you want to use the chat on your tablet, we recommend portrait mode.