ESC 1970 – The Participants

ESC 1970 – The Participants

12 countries took part in the 1970 Eurovision Song Contest.

Finland, Norway, Portugal and Sweden all withdrew from the competition in protest at the voting system that had made possible the four-way tie for first place in the previous year.

The 15th Eurovision Song Contest was held at the RAI Congrescentrum in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on 21 March 1970.

List of participants

Country Artist / Title
1. Netherlands Hearts Of Soul – Waterman
2. Switzerland Henri Dès – Retour
3. Italy Gianni Morandi – Occhi di ragazza
4. Yugoslavia Eva Sršen – Pridi, dala ti bom cvet
5. Belgium Jean Vallée – Viens l’oublier
6. France Guy Bonnet – Marie-Blanche
7. United Kingdom Mary Hopkin – Knock Knock, Who’s There?
8. Luxembourg David Alexandre Winter – Je suis tombé du ciel
9. Spain Julio Iglesias – Gwendolyne
10. Monaco Dominique Dussault – Marlène
11. Germany Katja Ebstein – Wunder gibt es immer wieder
12. Ireland Dana – All Kinds Of Everything