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Betty Missiego in the 1979 green room is our spirit animal. #PrePartyES19



Perfection. Just perfection.


If you're Felix, Carousel's "That Night" is the kind of song that makes you wistful for "A Century Of Love".

Not the *greatest* compliment in the world as our #Eurovision 2019 line-up check moves on to #Latvia... 🇱🇻

"If Europe is in a pop mood when it counts, then #Switzerland can go very very far this year. Victory not excluded."

Luca Hänni's "She Got Me" gets a big thumbs-up in the latest edition of our #Eurovision 2019 line-up check! 🇨🇭

"Every bit as pedestrian and everyday as the 'seen it a million times before' song title suggests."

It's shrugs all round for Anna Odobescu and "Stay" from #Moldova in the latest instalment of the #Eurovision line-up check!

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Weekend round-up: From Estonia to Ester Peony

Estonia, Croatia, Slovenia, Latvia and Romania all added their songs to ESC 2019 on this Super Saturday (and sleepy Sunday) weekend. Find out what we’ll be hearing in May with our weekend Eurovision national final round-up!

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Round-up: Czech friends, ‘rude Finns and more

Who says exciting things only happen on Super Saturday? It's been a busy working week in the world of Eurovision as the 2019 contest moves ever closer! On Monday, the Czech Republic completed its non-televised selection, with a public vote and a jury of recent ESC...

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New format, same old story? Reviewing the 2019 UK contenders

The BBC has revamped the format of its national selection for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest – but will this make a difference to the UK’s international fortunes, or does it just mean making the same mistakes in a different order? Martin takes a look at the three songs and six performers in the running.

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