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SAMRA: I need a topic for my new single that no one has ever written a song about before.
SONGWRITERS: Will this do?

Portugal won #Eurovision 40 years more recently than France.

Socio-critical tendencies, cigarette lights and a song "plucked right out of a movie" - #Eurovision 1962 had it all:

We revisit #Eurovision 1962 in our review series and pick out three awesome songs for you to enjoy! Check it out:

Do it for your Labour, do it for your Labour
Vote May out and do it for your Labour

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Reviewing semi-final 2: Felix’s top three thoughts

Last night saw the second of three shows at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kyiv. Ten more countries qualified, making Saturday's grand final line-up complete. But those are just the dry facts. Felix looks back on some of the other noteworthy moments from last...

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A San Francisco semi 2 post mortem

Eurovision expectations are an interesting phenomenon that, more often than anything else in life, end up cast aside after reality proved them to be entirely wrong. For example, I expected the first semi to be much stronger than the second, and instead I could barely...

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A San Francisco semi 1 post mortem

So, semi 1, where do I start with you? I think it’s safe to say it wasn’t one for the books, or even for a YouTube rewatch (the fact it’s blocked in the US notwithstanding), but it had its moments. None of those moments were provided by our three hosts, but the saving...

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SongHunt 2017 – The final is launched!

What's the best non-winning song of the 2017 national final season? The semi-finals are closed, and our SongHunt is finally reaching its end! In the past weeks, we have narrowed down our favourites from the national preselections to just 12 songs, and now it's time to...

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