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Gallery: The host city Lisbon

We’ve been out and about in Lisbon, surely one of the most picturesque and personality-filled Eurovision host cities. Enjoy some of our photo highlights in this gallery!

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When you Google for information on former #Eurovision contestants and, well...

Are you a #Eurovision fan?

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Then you should take part in the 2018 Home Composed Song Contest - the long-established competition for #ESC fans and amateur composers!

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Croatia's World Cup campaign has gone from "dobro" to "bolje" - will it reach "najbolje" on Sunday? 🤔

From 1986, the year he also represented Sweden at #Eurovision, Lasse Holm's "Cannelloni Macaroni" is a remarkable snapshot of an era when Italian food seemed... exotic?

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SongHunt 2018 – The Final!

What’s the best non-winning national final song of the 2018 Eurovision season? Our SongHunt reaches its conclusion – and your votes will decide the winner!

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A German in Lisbon: The first full day

As anyone who ever lived in Cologne would say: "Et es wie et es, et kütt wie et kütt, un et hätt noch emmer joot jejange." That's Cologne dialect for "It's how it is, it will be like it is, and it has always worked out fine in the end." It's time for me to adopt this...

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escgo! has arrived in Lisbon!

It's late in the afternoon, or early in the evening, however you want to define this time of the day, but: We, escgo - I, Felix - have arrived to the bubble! It's my first time with F accreditation, and the only editor from our team on-location, so things will be a...

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