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ZiBBZ to EZC 2018 for ZwitZerLand!

by | Feb 4, 2018

ZiBBZ to EZC 2018 for ZwitZerLand!

by | Feb 4, 2018 | Eurovision |

OK, so we may have taken a few liberties with the spelling in our headline. But it’s true that Switzerland will be represented at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest by the duo ZiBBZ.

The siblings (ZiBBlingZ… get it?), originally from Zurich but now based in Los Angeles, won a comfortable victory in tonight’s Swiss Entscheidungsshow selection. Their song “Stones”, which follows in the footsteps of the recently chosen French entry by delivering a socially critical message in its lyrics, was announced as the narrow favourite of the international jury before winning the televote by some considerable distance in the face of some admirable attempts by the hosts to keep things exciting.

“Stones” will be performed in the second half of the first semi-final at ESC 2018, where ZiBBZ will seek to improve the alpine nation’s fairly dismal qualifying record this decade. See what you think of their chances – here’s the video:

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"Fără tine" by Dora Gaitanovici is the best non-winning national final song of the 2018 #Eurovision season! 🇷🇴

Read all about Dora's stunning victory in the grand final of SongHunt 2018 here:


So one of these will be crowned our winner tomorrow night:

Emmy Liyana
Tamás Horváth
Dora Gaitanovici
Inis Neziri
Aitana & Ana Guerra

But who? YOUR votes will help us decide!


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