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Who’s Instahot? Ten Eurovision 2018 acts to follow on Instagram

by | Mar 23, 2018

Who’s Instahot? Ten Eurovision 2018 acts to follow on Instagram

by | Mar 23, 2018 | Eurovision, Featured |

We had some critical words for social media yesterday, but now it’s time for us to go full Instafanboy and answer the all-important question:

Which ESC 2018 acts have accounts worth following?

We have checked them all out for you – only a small handful of the 2018 singers and groups don’t have an Instagram presence (yet!). So let’s get started!

Who’s creative?

It’s understandable that Eurovision acts use their social media accounts to promote their televoting number, their new single or their merchandise… but we certainly prefer accounts with a more creative vibe. These are our favourites this year:

1. Sennek (Belgium)

A feed filled with quality photographs, most in black and white, creative shots, a consistent look – Sennek has probably the most sophisticated Instagram feed of the Eurovision class of 2018.

2. Madame Monsieur (France)

While not as artistic as Sennek’s profile, the French entrants won our Instahearts with a collection of poppy, catchy, diverse snapshots.

Toujours tous les 2. 🐹🐭

A post shared by Madame Monsieur (@madamemonsieur) on

3. Benjamin Ingrosso (Sweden)

Nice photographs of the Swedish entrant mixed in with one or two promotional posts, but not too many to become annoying.

Still haven’t got a driver’s license…

A post shared by Benjamin Ingrosso (@benjaminingrosso) on

Who’s hot?

Of course, “hot” is a matter of sexual orientation, and individual taste. Here’s what I found to be the hottest 2018 acts on Instagram, at least – and I’ve even included a female Eurovision star for the heterosexual reader (we love you too!).

1. Mikolas Josef (Czech Republic)

Not a lot of his posts are necessarily as hot as this one, but no other male Eurovision act 2018 shows as much skin on his Instagram account. And it’s fair to say that Mikolas is by no means the least suitable candidate for pictures like this. We approve.

Alarm clock: 'H.E.R – Focus' #lastsummerday

A post shared by Mikolas Josef (@mikolasjosef) on

2. Ryan O’Shaughnessy (Ireland)

While mostly dressed in his Instagram posts, Irish Ryan still manages to be up there on this list. His Insta is more immediately catchy than his song, in any case.

Another day another beach 🌊 #Boracay #Philippines

A post shared by Ryan O'Shaughnessy (@ryan_acoustic) on

3. Mélovin (Ukraine)

Despite the 🔞 emoji in his Instagram bio, there isn’t much to see. Still, we found him good enough to be among the top three Instahotties of the 2018 season.

Not competing in this category: Elina Nechayeva (Estonia)

I know, we don’t have a huge number of readers with that kind of interest in women, but from our position of limited expertise we rather liked Elina’s Instagram.

And finally, who’s really Instafamous?

Numbers aren’t everything, of course – and when it comes to Instagram, numbers can’t always be trusted – but followers seem to be the currency of the modern times. So we might as well ask, who’s the richest?

1. Alekseev (Belarus)

Over 651,000 people follow Alekseev, making him the Eurovision act with the biggest Instagram fanbase this year. For comparison: Former Eurovision winner and 2018 entrant, Alexander Rybak, has “only” 119k followers.

2. Alfred García (Spain)

501,000 people follow what Alfred is posting on Instagram. His feed is a bit of a mess, but we have seen just as messy feeds from global stars with millions of followers (hello, Justin). Maybe having a consistent look, being creative and posting quality photos is only important for small accounts…

Seguimos. #girOT

A post shared by ALFRED (@alfred_ot2017) on

3. Eleni Foureira

How much fuego do Eleni’s 436k followers have for her? If she didn’t have enough followers to get into this category, we might have mentioned her as the female wildcard under the “hot” paragraph. Unlike the male hotties, she shows a lot of skin in her feed. And unlike the majority of entrants, her Instagram photos are actually really good quality.

Wearing pjs in bed or… vol3 @markos_andriotis @king_kills_queen

A post shared by Eleni Foureira (@foureira) on

And so that this post ends with eye candy for the majority rather than the minority of our audience, here’s another post from Mikolas. Just because we can.

Credits: @mariebartosova

A post shared by Mikolas Josef (@mikolasjosef) on

He can lie to us whenever he wants.

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Title image source: Instagram (foureira / mikolasjosef / sennekmusic)

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