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Line-up check 2019: Our views on the second semi-final

by | Apr 29, 2019

Line-up check 2019: Our views on the second semi-final

by | Apr 29, 2019 | Eurovision, Featured |

Have you been keeping up with our line-up check of the ESC 2019 entries? Each song is assigned to one of our team, and once they’ve had their say, the other team members get a brief right of reply. That way you get to see what we all think – and whether we share the same opinions or disagree wildly.

Anyway, don’t worry if you missed a post or two – here’s a round-up of what we had to say about the songs in the second semi-final. Simply click the country name to read the full review!

1. Armenia
“I’m not really the core audience, so if even I’m getting it, that should bode well for Armenia.”

2. Ireland
“It says a lot when your main selling point is that at least your countrymen won’t be embarrassed watching this.”

3. Moldova
“Every bit as pedestrian and everyday as the song title suggests.”

4. Switzerland
“If Europe is in a pop mood when it counts, Switzerland can go very very far this year.”

5. Latvia
“Round and round, where are you, round and round, I need you, bla bla bla.”

6. Romania
“There’s no doubting the inherent quality, but you can’t help but wish she’d cheer up a bit.”

7. Denmark
“I cannot listen to any overly sweet song without regretting the life choices I’ve made that led me to this point.”

8. Sweden
“At Eurovision, it’s the points scored that matter, not the reasons why people award them to a specific entry.”

9. Austria
“Let’s just say they won’t be in the split screen during the last part of the voting this time.”

10. Croatia
“Icarus on a bungee rope.”

11. Malta
“Just how far can marketing and friendly juries get you in this competition?”

12. Lithuania
“Despite the visions of an exciting safari adventure, it manages to be three minutes of nothing happening.”

13. Russia
“A vein of ice-cold (melo)drama running through it like only the eastern side of the continent seems able to deliver.”

14. Albania
“More of a pleasant soundtrack than something that stands out on its own merits.”

15. Norway
“Cucumber, apple syrup and honey all meet in that wok. And when you eat it, Saara Aalto’s face appears at the bottom of the pan.”

16. Netherlands
“‘Arcade’ may not be a song for hysterical gestures, but I’d like to see some personality from him.”

17. North Macedonia
“If I had the job of giving awards, the prize for ‘female ballad of the year’ would go to North Macedonia.”

18. Azerbaijan
“Chingiz has a great, warm voice, but the song’s content feels at odds with his personality.”

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British viewers: "The UK came last? It's all politics! Everyone hates us! Brexit!"

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We know it's been doing the rounds already, but seriously: one of *the* best moments of #Eurovision 2019 and it wasn't even in the show. 😍

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