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SongHunt 2018: Introducing the finalists

by | May 10, 2018

SongHunt 2018: Introducing the finalists

by | May 10, 2018 | Featured, SongHunt |

Twelve songs have made it through the rounds of SongHunt 2018 to compete for your vote in the grand final.

If you know them all already, click here to vote in the grand final! You can vote once every 24 hours, so make sure you keep coming back to support your favourite song(s).

But in case you still need help making up your mind, here’s a quick introduction to the dozen candidates who are vying for your vote!

Tamás Horváth – Meggyfa (Hungary)
This folksy number lost out to screamo rockers AWS in the A Dal superfinal but would surely have had a decent chance of maintaining Hungary’s strong Eurovision qualification record this decade.

Emmy Liyana – OK ou KO (France)
Co-composed by French music superstar Zazie, “OK ou KO” was an early favourite for the French selection when the clips of the songs first emerged. Emmy Liyana delivered an intriguing performance using doubles of herself, and while she didn’t get the ticket to ESC, she’s proved a favourite throughout the SongHunt process.

Inis Neziri – Piedestal (Albania)
Festivali i Këngës is typically the first national final of the season, so it’s nice to see a non-winning song from there still pleasing fans in mid-May. Given Albania’s penchant for dramatic female-sung entries, Inis might have expected to be making a trip to Lisbon, but she will have to satisfy herself with a place in the SongHunt final instead.

Aitana & Ana Guerra – Lo malo (Spain)
If the return of OT has been a success, “Lo malo” has been the cherry on the cake. Well in excess of five million views for this video alone and the song of the summer season in Spain, we’ll never know how well it might have done at ESC, but its success has achieved an even greater feat: persuading the singers that they actually quite like the song after all.

Felix Sandman – Every Single Day (Sweden)
We’re still none the wiser as to why SVT decided to style his name as FELIX SANDMAN (ALL CAPS), but the former FO&O member made a big impression at Melodifestivalen, emerging from the Andra Chansen round to almost deny Benjamin Ingrosso the big prize.

Rebecca – Who We Are (Norway)
Poor Rebecca. Did she ever really stand a chance against the Eurovision juggernaut that is Alexander Rybak? A strong showing to reach the superfinal in Norway helped her win over a lot of our SongHunt voters, though, and here she is in our grand final.

Nassi – Rêves de gamin (France)
The French selection proved to be a particularly popular one among SongHunt voters, dominating the early stages of the competition and contributing one-quarter of the entries for our grand final – including this fun number from Nassi.

Aitana – Arde (Spain)
Aitana makes her second appearance in our SongHunt final with a song that could hardly be any different to “Lo malo”. This powerful and smoky ballad might well have been cannon fodder in the Saturday night Eurovision show, but it’s been music to the ears of the SongHunt voters so far.

Asmik Shiroyan – You And I (Armenia)
Would Asmik have been able to qualify for the Eurovision grand final where Sevak failed? We’ll never know – although she’d probably have to have sung a whole lot better than she did at Depi Evratesil.

Margaret – In My Cabana (Sweden)
The Polish final was an enjoyable enough event, but none of the competing songs were strong enough to fight their way through to the SongHunt final. Never fear, though: Poland has a proxy representative in the form of Margaret, whose “In My Cabana” was another graduate from the Andra Chansen round in Sweden.

Dora Gaitanovici – Fără tine (Romania)
Ah, Romania. You delivered a month and half’s worth of reliable Sunday night entertainment, salt mines and all. The rest of the fan world might still be screaming that Feli was robbed, but we know differently – Dora’s powerful ballad got the highest chat score of any song this season.

Lisandro Cuxi – Eva (France)
Speaking of “robbed”, there would probably be a lot more anguish over Lisandro Cuxi’s ultimate failure to win the French ticket to ESC 2018 if Madame Monsieur hadn’t swiftly established themselves as a fan favourite for the contest proper. The lyrics pitying Eva for being a single mother may be a little dubious, but the song remains a bit of a banger.

And that’s all twelve songs. Now all you have to do is vote – and keep coming back every day to defend your favourites from elimination!

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