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Line-up check 2021: Italy

by | Apr 2, 2021 | 2021 reviews, Eurovision

Line-up check 2021: Italy

by | Apr 2, 2021 | 2021 reviews, Eurovision

Italy: Måneskin – Zitti e buoni

Shi: I always thought that one of the best things about Italian entries being chosen through Sanremo is Eurovision actually doesn’t play a part in the process. The downside, though, was that many entries are very much written with Sanremo in mind, which in turn meant somewhat limited possibilities for musical variety representing Italy in Eurovision.

Then Sanremo 2021 happened. I actually missed Måneskin’s first performance due to the inconvenience of the festival being aired during my workdays, but knowing the band, I wasn’t concerned – it’s not like this kind of thing can win, right?

Wrong. I have since corrected this oversight by listening to this song daily, but my opinion of it remains what it has been since the first time I properly watched it: this entry belongs to my favorite Eurovision genre, “do your thing and do it well”. Damiano – their lead singer – is a reminder that you can’t teach charisma, and he’s got so much of it he can probably even lend some to other performers in the line-up.

There was also something really endearing about watching them perform and then seeing them shed their stage persona and go back to being the excited kids who are having a great time on that big stage and generally are just really happy to be there.

Me too, Måneskin, me too.

Prediction: Personal:



Yes, I’m also feeling the love for the variety we’re getting from Italy with this entry. And in principle the genre should also be right up my street. As such, I’m a little surprised I don’t love “Zitti e buoni” – but it’s definitely good and I’m super glad it’s there.

Felix: Sometimes it happens that I don’t agree with my team mates, and it’s ok. Rock comes in many different flavours, and while I perfectly enjoy a few, this one isn’t mine. But I do agree that it’s good for variety in Italy’s Eurovision portfolio. Next time some trip-hop maybe?

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