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Line-up check 2021: Romania

by | Apr 18, 2021 | 2021 reviews, Eurovision

Line-up check 2021: Romania

by | Apr 18, 2021 | 2021 reviews, Eurovision

Romania: Roxen – Amnesia

Felix: I feel lost about Romania this year. So lost that I hardly know what to write.

I find it depressing, confusing, boring. Probably it’s a song that needs staging with some contemporary dance enhancement. If they do something like that, I might find a way to kind of “enjoy” it, but I have zero interest in the song as it is. If an algorithm would put this on my screen, I’d mark it as “irrelevant” within no time. Chances? My gut feeling tells me it will qualify, and then come lower third in the final.

Oh boy do I miss those times when Romania sent actually good stuff. “It’s My Life”, “Playing With Fire”, “De la capăt”… great stuff. One even begins to appreciate The Humans, Ester Peony and Hotel FM, all contestants with very boring entries at Eurovision, but at least not uncomfortable. This, “Amnesia”, is. It’s uncomfortable. I feel uncomfortable. The chair I’m sitting on is very uncomfortable.

Romania… such a great country at Eurovision. “Let Me Try”. “The Moon”. Okay, I hear you, you want me to go back to 2021 and find words about “Amnesia”. Sorry, I forgot.

Okay. “Amnesia” is… an unnecessary entry.

Prediction: Personal:



“Amnesia” is an unfortunate self-fulfilling prophecy: Having heard it more than once, the only thing I recall is Roxen still being an introvert. Nothing wrong with that, but difficult for viewers to connect with – and combined with the song itself, leaving a mark will be a struggle. As Chumbawamba once sang, “Do you suffer from long-term memory loss? I don’t remember.”

Martin: One of the reasons “Alcohol You” worked was the ridiculous title – it really helped as a hook. This year’s lyrics could use a gimmicky line like that. How’s about “forgetting you is amn-easier than remembering you”?

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