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Line-up check 2021: Denmark

by | May 6, 2021 | 2021 reviews, Eurovision

Line-up check 2021: Denmark

by | May 6, 2021 | 2021 reviews, Eurovision

Denmark: Fyr & Flamme – Øve os på hinanden

Shi: I’m sure by now you’re all familiar with the definition of insanity: doing the same thing and expecting different results.

Such is my relationship with Denmark’s 2021 entry, “Øve os på hinanden”. Every time I try to play it and get the in-your-face ten seconds of 80s intro, I think that maybe this time it will happen, maybe this time I will actually manage to enjoy this song beyond the ten-second mark. And every single time, as soon as they start singing, I sigh, say “not today, Denmark, not today” under my breath – and remind myself that sometimes the distance between lovingly retro and just plain outdated is really just the distance between the 80s and now.

The difficulty in such situations is it’s really hard to tell how much of your gut feeling about the song’s chances are predictions and how much are just a reflex and a deep unconscious (or let’s face it, entirely conscious) desire to never hear it again. It’s made even more confusing by the fact that there are definitely people who love this – but those people also happen to be the DMGP voters and our very own ChatVote participants, whom I love dearly but who aren’t necessarily the best indicator for actual results. Oh well.

Prediction: Personal:



Aw, I adore this. I don’t actually know if it’s good – it’s in my personal top 10 but that doesn’t prove anything. It might be terrible? And it certainly might be doomed. But it’s freaking adorable and it gets stuck in my head all the damn time. Bravo to them for just doing their thing and to hell with the consequences.

Felix: 1,603 songs will have been performed in Eurovision by the end of May. And Denmark is one of the best 1.2%. I haven’t loved a Eurovision song this much since Iceland 2009, and can’t believe how epic, how perfect it is. Massive fan here. Tak, Danmark. Thanks for saving Eurovision!

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