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Slovenia wins ChatVote 2015!

by | Apr 26, 2015 | Uncategorized

Slovenia wins ChatVote 2015!

by | Apr 26, 2015 | Uncategorized

Slovenia has won the #esc ChatVote 2015, the 11th edition of this traditional event – and the first under this website’s new name of escgo!

“Here For You” by Maraaya took victory with 151 points following a head-to-head battle with “A Monster Like Me” from Norway, which ended up in second place with 138 points. The podium was completed by Estonia, which was the only other country to finish in three figures points-wise. At the other end of the table, Uzari & Maimuna from Belarus finished in last place with just 14 points – although as the modern-day ESC cliché says, everyone’s a winner just for reaching the grand final!

Following two competitive semi-finals (the results of which can be found at the end of this article) and several enjoyable “preview nights” in the chat, a total of 27 #esc regulars cast their votes on our finalists, thereby continuing a tradition that dates back to 2005. As the past decade of ChatVote history shows, sometimes we’re in tune with the wider European taste – voting for Loreen in 2012 and Lena in 2010, for example – and sometimes we prefer the fan hypes that don’t do so well at ESC, like last year’s flop from Israel (Mei Finegold). We’ll soon find out which category Maraaya fall into!

The full scoreboard for the final of ChatVote 2015 is shown below:


Thanks to all of our voters for their participation and their continued support, which helps to make ChatVote one of the annual highlights of the #esc community!

As mentioned above, we can now also publish the full results of the semi-finals, in which the voters (17 in total) were simply asked to nominate their ten favourites to qualify from each semi. This gave the following results:

Semi 1: Belgium 16, Estonia 15, Macedonia 15, Russia 15, Romania 14, Georgia 13, Netherlands 12, Serbia 11, Belarus 11, Albania 11, Greece 10, Hungary 8, Moldova 7, Denmark, Armenia 3, Finland 3

Semi 2: Slovenia 17, Azerbaijan 15, Sweden 15, Lithuania 14, Norway 14, Israel 13, Iceland 12, Ireland 11, Latvia 11, Portugal 10, Switzerland 9, Cyprus 9, Montenegro 6, Czech Republic 5, Malta 4, Poland 3, San Marino 2

As you can see, Slovenia was the only song to be nominated by every voter, a dominance that was ultimately reflected in tonight’s grand final.

Thanks again from the #esc ChatVote team!

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