About Us

About Us

escgo (formerly esc-chat.com) is an international Eurovision fan website. Our main features are the Eurovision chat “#esc” and the News section containing the latest news from the Eurovision world. We started as “esc-chat.com” back in 2008 and had a major relaunch in early 2010, followed by two minor ones in 2013 and 2014. In February 2015, we changed our name to “escgo”.

The Eurovision chat “#esc” has been independent since June 2004, when it emerged from the similar room “#eurosong” (originally founded in the late 1990s). A large part of the community has stayed the same over the years, meaning that our history dates back much further than the official launch of #esc. For more information about the chat, see its FAQ.

For more information, please feel free to contact us.

Our international website team consists of:

Martin Faulkner (United Kingdom) – Supervisor
(Website Content & Chatroom)

Felix Krückau (Germany) – Editor-in-Chief
(Website Content, Event Photography & Videos, Organisation, Design)

Shimrit Berman (USA) – Webmaster
(Website Design & Technical Development)

Danny Lynch (United Kingdom) – Editor


Our international chat team consists of:

Darrell (USA) – Admin

MartinF (United Kingdom) – Admin

Daless (France) – Operator

FelixK (Germany) – Operator

Pedro (Portugal) – Operator

SamB (United Kingdom) – Operator

Shi (USA) – Operator