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About us

The website

escgo! is an international fan website for the Eurovision Song Contest. Our main features are the Eurovision chat “#esc” and our blog, which contains news, opinion pieces and other interesting items from the world of ESC.

This site started out as “” back in 2008. We subsequently changed our name to “escgo!” in 2015 and relaunched with a brand new design in 2017.

This website is owned and registered in the United Kingdom.

The chat

The Eurovision chat “#esc” was launched in June 2004, when it emerged from the earlier chatroom “#eurosong” (itself originally founded in the late 1990s). A large part of the community has stayed the same over the years, meaning that our history dates back much further than the official launch of #esc and the escgo! website! You can find out more about the chat on the “Help” and “About the Chat” tabs on our Chat page.

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Our international team
Martin Faulkner

Martin Faulkner

United Kingdom


Website Content, Website Owner & Chatroom Owner

Felix Krückau

Felix Krückau



Website Content, Event Photography & Videos, Organisation, Design


Shimrit Berman

Shimrit Berman


Webmaster, Editor

Website Content, Website Design & Technical Development