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43 up! And the last country in our #Eurovision 2018 line-up check is the United Kingdom. 🇬🇧

We think SuRie is awesome. Queen of social media and clearly just loving the experience. Still, her song "Storm" meets with a mixed response from our team...

"Tu canción" by Amaia & Alfred is sweet.

Sweet usually means tasty. But have Spain managed to invent a new kind of sweet? And will it leave you craving donuts?

Things get surreal as our #Eurovision line-up check remains in the Iberian peninsula! 🇪🇸

Emmy Liyana 🇫🇷
Aitana & Ana Guerra 🇪🇸
Rebecca 🇳🇴
Vajé 🇪🇪
Samir & Viktor 🇸🇪
Nassi 🇫🇷
Stella & Alexandra 🇳🇴
Etnopatsy 🇪🇪
Aitana 🇪🇸
Gunesh 🇧🇾

Who will qualify for the SongHunt final? Only YOU can decide!

Only three countries left, and our #Eurovision line-up check reaches the host country, Portugal. 🇵🇹

Let's enjoy those words again. Portugal. *The host country*!

It wouldn't matter what they enter - but our team rather likes "O jardim" all the same.

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Albania wins ChatVote 2018!

“Mall” by Eugent Bushpepa has won the 2018 edition of ChatVote, our long-standing annual vote to find our chatters’ favourite entry from the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest!

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ChatVote 2018 season is launched!

It’s the 14th edition of the annual live event in which our chatters pick their favourite song from the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest – here’s everything you need to know about the escgo! ChatVote.

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Tschüss, Lys

Lys Assia wasn’t just a grande dame – her status in the context of Eurovision was much more sacred. If anybody ever embodied divinity in the world of Eurovision, it was her. Felix shares his personal memories and says farewell to an icon.

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