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Our chat is most active during Eurovision, national finals and our various chat events, but you’re welcome to visit any time!

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Darude performing for all 3 people in Tel Aviv arena who could afford the tickets

"For real? Guy, come on!" is our new go-to line for every situation.

I'm not sure what went wrong in my life that I'm spending my Monday nights making things like this, but fine

National final bangers 💃 and ballads 👩‍🎤 from Estonia, Croatia, Slovenia, Latvia and Portugal are waiting for YOUR votes in Heat 3 of SongHunt 2019! #eurovision

#DareToDream? More like #DareToSort lol

Mr. Gerbear's #Eurovision 2019 Favorites Sorter is now available! Have fun :3

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Round-up: Czech friends, ‘rude Finns and more

Who says exciting things only happen on Super Saturday? It's been a busy working week in the world of Eurovision as the 2019 contest moves ever closer! On Monday, the Czech Republic completed its non-televised selection, with a public vote and a jury of recent ESC...

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New format, same old story? Reviewing the 2019 UK contenders

The BBC has revamped the format of its national selection for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest – but will this make a difference to the UK’s international fortunes, or does it just mean making the same mistakes in a different order? Martin takes a look at the three songs and six performers in the running.

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