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Lightning and static, it’s getting dramatic - as our line-up check reaches Sergey Lazarev from #Russia! 🇷🇺

His "Scream" has "a vein of ice-cold (melo)drama running through it" - but is it in the mix to win #Eurovision?

"Despite the title conjuring up visions of an exciting safari adventure, it manages to be three minutes of nothing happening."

More of a whimper than a roar for Jurij Veklenko's "Run With The Lions" as our #Eurovision line-up check reaches #Lithuania! 🇱🇹

You can always tell when #Malta want to do well at #Eurovision. 🇲🇹

But will the televote match the jury support for Michela's "Chameleon", or will it be Ira Losco all over again?

Our line-up check speculates...

Roko from #Croatia, also known as "Icarus on a bungee rope". But why?

Find out what happened when the gods of angel reincarnation got drunk as our #Eurovision line-up check reaches "The Dream"! 🇭🇷

"Every time I try to sing it, it comes out as Robin Stjernberg instead."

Nonetheless, Shi appreciates the risk-taking of PÆNDA's "Limits", while the other team members are also hæppy as our #Eurovision line-up check reaches #Austria! 🇦🇹

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Italy wins ChatVote 2019!

“Soldi” by Mahmood is the winner of the 15th annual edition of ChatVote, the traditional event held by escgo! and the #esc chatroom to find our favourite song ahead of each year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

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SongHunt 2019 – Quarter-Final 3

SongHunt 2019 continues with the second quarter-final. Things are hotting up – and YOUR votes are needed in our quest to find the best national final song of the season!

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