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Our chat is most active during Eurovision, national finals and our various chat events, but you’re welcome to visit any time!

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National finalists from #Sweden, #Germany, #Norway, #Serbia, #Denmark, #CzechRepublic, #Georgia, #Romania and #Hungary are all waiting for YOUR votes in Heat 7 of SongHunt 2019!

Click and support your #Eurovision favourites! 💃🕺👯‍♀️

We've once again made a video listing all the #Eurovision entries from the slowest to the fastest tempo (bpm). Did any of them surprise you?

In which Dido unexpectedly channels, erm, Julia Samoylova?!

If you're a #eurovision fan suffering from #instagramdown #instadown and #facebookdown, don't forget our beautifully old-school chatroom - it's been standing for a decade and a half & shows no signs of stopping yet! 🤓

We are so here for @TVdags' nerdy (but correct) takedown of John Lundvik's "lit"-eral mess. It's not too late to change, it's not too late to change!

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Weekend round-up: From Estonia to Ester Peony

Estonia, Croatia, Slovenia, Latvia and Romania all added their songs to ESC 2019 on this Super Saturday (and sleepy Sunday) weekend. Find out what we’ll be hearing in May with our weekend Eurovision national final round-up!

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Round-up: Czech friends, ‘rude Finns and more

Who says exciting things only happen on Super Saturday? It's been a busy working week in the world of Eurovision as the 2019 contest moves ever closer! On Monday, the Czech Republic completed its non-televised selection, with a public vote and a jury of recent ESC...

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