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Our chat is most active during Eurovision, national finals and our various chat events, but you’re welcome to visit any time!

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"Oh, #Ireland. I see you’re still dominating that 'will they ever learn?' corner."

The #Eurovision line-up check reaches Sarah McTernan's "22" and tries not to shrug its shoulders too sharply. 🇮🇪

How lucky you are, your statement is fine.

"I’m not the core audience, so if even I’m getting it, that should bode well."

Srbuk and "Walking Out" kick us off as the #Eurovision line-up check reaches semi-final 2 and #Armenia! 🇦🇲

And that completes our round-up of the 17 songs in the first semi-final of #Eurovision 2019!

You can catch up on all of the reviews here:

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Italy wins ChatVote 2019!

“Soldi” by Mahmood is the winner of the 15th annual edition of ChatVote, the traditional event held by escgo! and the #esc chatroom to find our favourite song ahead of each year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

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SongHunt 2019 – Quarter-Final 3

SongHunt 2019 continues with the second quarter-final. Things are hotting up – and YOUR votes are needed in our quest to find the best national final song of the season!

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Weekend round-up: From Estonia to Ester Peony

Estonia, Croatia, Slovenia, Latvia and Romania all added their songs to ESC 2019 on this Super Saturday (and sleepy Sunday) weekend. Find out what we’ll be hearing in May with our weekend Eurovision national final round-up!

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