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esc-chat_malmo13For the 4th consecutive year, is covering the Eurovision Song Contest on-site, and for the first time ever we can do this with our complete editor team! We are offering you news, blogging, rehearsal reviews, interviews and a lot more. Here’s the updating collection of our articles related to the Eurovision weeks in Malmö!




May 17th: Live Blog – First dress rehearsal of the final
May 15th: Live Blog – First dress rehearsal of semi-final 2
May 13th: Live Blog – First dress rehearsal of semi-final 1
May 12th: Live Rehearsals, Day 7
May 11th: Live Rehearsals, Day 6
May 10th: Live Rehearsals, Day 5
May 9th: Live Rehearsals, Day 4
May 8th: Live Rehearsals, Day 3
May 7th: Live Rehearsals, Day 2
May 6th: Live Rehearsals, Day 1

City-Blog “Today in Malmö”:

May 19th: The grey day after
May 18th: It’s Eurovision Day!
May 17th: The day before the final
May 16th: Fan Café shines as second semi approaches
May 15th: Wednesday: Semi 1 hangover as a new day begins
May 14th:  Party mood continues on semi-final day
May 13th: Final week starts in sunny Malmö
May 12th: Party hangovers and “big five” rehearsals
May 11th: Middle weekend in Malmö gets underway
May 10th: Opening Day of the Press Centre
May 9th: Collective Headache Day
May 8th: Rain can’t ruin the Malmö mood on the third day
May 7th: Fan Café opens as rehearsals continue on Day 2
May 6th: First rehearsal day in Euroclub
May 5th: Blue skies as accreditation centre opens
May 4th: Arriving in Malmö


May 18th: “Only Teardrops”: Denmark wins ESC 2013
May 14th: Expert predictions before semi-final 1
May 9th: Impressions from rehearsal days 3 and 4
May 8th: Review of Rehearsal Day 2
May 6th: First impressions from Euroclub


May 13th: Robin Stjernberg (Sweden)
May 12th: Cascada (Germany)
May 8th: Krista Siegfrids (Finland)
May 8th: PeR (Latvia)
May 8th: Valentina Monetta (San Marino)
May 7th: Aliona Moon (Moldova)
May 6th: Hannah (Slovenia)
May 6th: Birgit Õigemeel (Estonia)
May 6th: Natália Kelly (Austria)


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Tuesday Show – Special Edition

Other interesting articles:

May 16th: Eurovision Song Contest 2013, Semi-final 2
May 14th: Eurovision Song Contest 2013, Semi-final 1