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“A very warm ‘hello’.” (Helga Vlahović)

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Visit our Eurovision Chat!

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To use the legendary words of Ketil Stokkan:

OK. UK is OK.

Felix has a simple verdict for Barbara Pravi's first rehearsals: "Incredibly strong." 🇫🇷

A spotlight, fog, inventive camerawork, and sparing LED usage. It's all in our liveblog of the automatic finalists' first run-throughs on the Rotterdam stage:

The first rehearsal of host country, (the) Netherlands:

Pretty much perfect vocally from Jeangu and co., but are the staging choices a bit too cold in places?

Jendrik is in a pink jacket, because that's the colour this year needed more of!

Despite that: a very solid first set of run-throughs for Germany 🇩🇪 - and maybe the kind of thing that could put a smile on people's faces?

.@thisismaneskin are making full use of the width of the stage (are they the first ones to do so? We think they might be).

Elsewhere in their performance: shirtlessness and "shiny, violet trousers".

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