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Gallery: The host city Lisbon

by | May 12, 2018

Gallery: The host city Lisbon

by | May 12, 2018 | Eurovision, Featured |

Rarely has the Eurovision Song Contest been held in such a picturesque and personality-filled city as Lisbon. Felix has been out and about in recent days and is happy to share some of his photographic impressions with you here as the grand final approaches!

View over Lisbon with Eurovision Village

Marquês de Pombal, close to our hotel

Altice Arena

Eurovision Village and Euroclub

Miradouro São Pedro de Alcântara – one of Lisbon’s many breathtaking viewpoints…

…and another

Portas do Sol

Ponte 25 de Abril as seen from the Blue Carpet


And finally: Torre de Belém, the main landmark of Lisbon

Visit our Eurovision Chat!

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Visit our Eurovision Chat!

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 escgo! on Twitter

British viewers: "The UK came last? It's all politics! Everyone hates us! Brexit!"

Also British viewers: "Well of course we're not going to *listen* to our own entry, it's rubbish"

UK chart positions for this year's #Eurovision entries:

61. KEiiNo "Spirit In The Sky" 🇳🇴
67. Duncan Laurence "Arcade" 🇳🇱
73. Mahmood "Soldi" 🇮🇹

Messing up the Belarus jury vote and having to revise the entire final result? Here's another fine mess EBU've gotten us into...

We have questions.


Well hey - our ChatVote had North Macedonia in 7th place, so this is just the EBU catching up with our chatters, right...? 🤷‍♀️

We know it's been doing the rounds already, but seriously: one of *the* best moments of #Eurovision 2019 and it wasn't even in the show. 😍

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