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Tonight sees the first semi-final of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest, and it’s time for the escgo! team to predict which ten of the 16 candidates they think will progress to Saturday’s grand final!

Felix is still in Vienna, taking in everything live, and Martin has left Vienna now, so he’s seen the first and second sets of rehearsals but not how everything is coming together in the dress rehearsals. Will our prediction success tell us anything about which of these approaches is better? We’ll see!

Country Felix Martin
1. Moldova Qualify
2. Armenia
3. Belgium Qualify Qualify
4. Netherlands
5. Finland Qualify Qualify
6. Greece Qualify
7. Estonia Qualify Qualify
8. Macedonia
9. Serbia Qualify
10. Hungary Qualify Qualify
11. Belarus Qualify
12. Russia Qualify Qualify
13. Denmark Qualify Qualify
14. Albania
15. Romania Qualify Qualify
16. Georgia Qualify Qualify

Whatever you’re doing and whomever you’re watching the show with, have a great time tonight!

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