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A German in Lisbon: Russia, Moldova, Cable Car!

by | May 5, 2018

A German in Lisbon: Russia, Moldova, Cable Car!

by | May 5, 2018 | Eurovision, Featured |

Hello from Lisbon!

This Saturday morning began with a shock moment: Just when I was about to leave and pack my bag, I couldn’t find the second lens for my camera. I went full drama queen and was already trying to call the reception, when I finally found it in my room after all. So, I was running uphill to catch my low-frequency shuttle bus to the Altice Arena (got it in the last second), as I didn’t want to miss the first rehearsal:

Russia. And what can I say? Nothing works here, apart from the support vocalists. This doesn’t feel like those top-notch Russian stage shows that we are used to, it’s probably the weakest complete package that Russia has ever delivered in the contest’s history. Interesting side note: Julia gets brought on stage already sitting on the top of her mountain. When asked at the press conference about what she wants the audience to feel during the song, she simply responded that the song is “about everyone.” Hmm.

I myself had my lunch break in the lovely restaurant by the water, as you can see above (nearby the Russian delegation – minus Julia – whose HoD celebrates his birthday today). I was still fascinated about Moldova‘s show at this point. It will enter Eurovision’s “Choreography Hall of Fame” with ease, in one line with Bucks Fizz and Brotherhood of Man. This is the entry that will get the most attention from TV viewers in both shows it’s participating in, and we might even get Chisinau 2019, as it’s just so captivating and entertaining that you can’t take your eyes off the screen for a second. A Kirkorov masterpiece, top 5 for sure.

I also saw a bit of Georgia, which was quite static, and I never like the use of red on stage, especially not in the combination with black clothes. Vocally it was fine, but the whole staging is way too generic to sell the song. Non-qualifier.

I called it a day at the venue after my lunch break and went for a lovely walk through the park (see below), and finally my anticipated ride with the cable car, which gave me a stunning view of the Altice Arena:

Now I’ll pay another visit to the city – it’s finally summer here, and in true Eurovision style, that calls for a costume change. Later tonight it’s the Israeli party, very much looking forward to that!

More about that tomorrow – until then, lots of Lisbon love from Felix

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Visit our Eurovision Chat!
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