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SongHunt 2018 – The Final!

by | May 6, 2018

SongHunt 2018 – The Final!

by | May 6, 2018 | Featured, SongHunt |

What’s the best non-winning song of the 2018 national final season?

The semi-finals are closed, and our SongHunt is finally reaching its end! In the past weeks, we have narrowed down our favourites from the national preselections to just 12 songs, and now it’s time to pick the very best.

In the final, you can only vote for one song at a time – but you can vote again once 24 hours have passed since your last vote. So don’t forget to keep coming back day after day and supporting your favourite(s)!

The voting period will be open for two weeks. All 12 songs will participate in the first week – then, starting on Monday 14 May, every evening at 21:00 CET one entry will be eliminated (naturally, the one with the fewest votes by the deadline!), meaning only 6 songs will reach the super-final on Sunday 20 May. The super-final will be celebrated with a group viewing in our #esc chatroom, and the poll will be closed and the final results revealed during the course of the event.

And now all that remains is for you to vote! A video playlist can be found below the poll if you need a reminder – or you can read our full introduction to all twelve songs.

Want to know more? You can read about how SongHunt works here, and the full qualification list can be found here.

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Visit our Eurovision Chat!
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