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SongHunt 2022 – Here are the dates!

by | Jan 15, 2022 | Featured, SongHunt

SongHunt 2022 – Here are the dates!

by | Jan 15, 2022 | Featured, SongHunt

The National Final season is on – and SongHunt 2022 will be launched soon, too! What’s SongHunt again? Of course, it’s our annual quest to find our most loved – but robbed – national final song of the season!

The new format that we introduced last year turned out to be so good and exciting that we decided to keep it for 2022 as well! Of course, with a much denser National Final calendar, it might feel like a long time until we really kick off (the first Chat Event and Poll launch will be on Sunday, 20 February), but with a much tighter competition for those valuable SongHunt tickets, we’re likely to end up with a strong selection from many different countries.

Just like last year, our #esc chat community will be hosts to the substantial part of SongHunt: the weekly viewings on Sunday night, each followed by a vote that will count for 50% of the result! The other 50% of the result will, of course, come from the familiar website poll.

SongHunt 2022 will consist of four heats, a chat-only “Last Chance” round, and the grand final. You can see an overview of the format below (article continues).

SongHunt 2022 details

As usual, we have been compiling our “master list” of how the chat voted on each national final show so far. This serves as the basis for qualification for each heat, and you can investigate the list right here! We will also be selecting some wildcards – editors’ choices – to reward those songs that perhaps didn’t get the love we thought they deserved.

Finally, here are all the chat event dates, so make sure to add them to your calendars, and be with us in the chat to support your national final favourites!

Chat event dates:

20 February – Semi-final 1
27 February – Semi-final 2
6 March – Semi-final 3
13 March – Semi-final 4
27 March – Last Chance
10 April – Final

All events will begin at 21:00 CET.

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