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ChatVote 2023 is launched! One Night. One Winner.

by | Apr 14, 2023 | ChatVote, Eurovision, Featured

ChatVote 2023 is launched! One Night. One Winner.

by | Apr 14, 2023 | ChatVote, Eurovision, Featured

It’s time for ChatVote 2023!

On Sunday 23 April, we will gather for the 19th running of our legendary annual event to find the #esc chat’s favourite song from the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest.

And we’re making a few changes this year – so here’s how it will all work…

What’s the plan?

We decided we want our chatters to be able to give a shoutout to their biggest faves this year, rather than being sad because they already lost in the semi-finals. That’s why the jury vote will be on ALL 37 songs – there are no semi-finals in ChatVote this year. Instead, you’ll get to reward the songs you really want to reward.

But we also know a vote on all 37 songs runs the risk of the votes being spread out quite thinly. So this year will again see the familiar televote-style Supervote, to be decided by the chatters in attendance during the live final show.

In the jury phase, we’ll call up our chatters to reveal their results as usual – except this time they’ll only announce their 8, 10 and 12 points, and there will be no live scoreboard. This means the general direction of the voting can be speculated over (and our chatters in the green room surely will!), but nothing will be known for sure.

We’ll then share a video in which we open the envelopes and reveal the top 10 of our jury vote – in no particular order, of course.

That’s when the Supervote will take place: Those chatters who attend the live event will get to boost the scores of those top 10 songs – and potentially make the critical difference in deciding who wins ChatVote 2023.

And at the climax of the chat event, we’ll reveal the full classification from 37th up to 1st, including an exciting video visualisation of how the live Supervote affected the final top 10 – and the identity of the ChatVote 2023 winner!

So what do I do now?

First and foremost: Don’t be worried about the overload of information above, we’re only trying to answer your questions before you ask them!

More importantly: The lines are now open, so send us your votes for the jury phase as usual! We want them in ESC style (12-10-8…), and remember that you’re choosing from all 37 songs this year.

Once you’ve decided on your votes, please send them to by no later than 23:59 CEST on Friday 21 April. Please note that we can only accept votes from people we know to be #esc chatters, so include your chat nickname in your e-mail in case of any doubt. Do check your e-mail for confirmation and get in touch with us if you don’t hear back from us about your votes!

If you need a reminder, or if you just want to join us for a couple of fun evenings, we will also be watching playlists of the two semi-finals (plus three automatic finalists in each case) in #esc on the evening of Tuesday 18 April and Thursday 20 April. That’s a good chance for you to chat about the songs and finalise your votes if you’re still undecided.

And then, we hope to see as many of you as possible in the #esc chat on the evening of Sunday 23 April for the big event! This year, we’re opening the doors at 20:00 CEST for a Welcome Party with some fun chat and tunes, before the main ChatVote event begins at 21:00 CEST (promptly!).

We look forward to seeing you there. And in the meantime, please do also add yourself to the Facebook event so we can share any updates with you directly.

See you in the chat!

ChatVote 2023: Calendar

Now! Jury voting for the final opens
Tuesday 18 April
21:00 CEST Semi-final 1 viewing
Thursday 20 April 21:00 CEST Semi-final 2 viewing
Friday 21 April
23:59 CEST Jury voting for the final closes
Sunday 23 April
20:00 CEST ChatVote 2023: Welcome Party
Sunday 23 April
21:00 CEST ChatVote 2023: Grand Final


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