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Quick verdict: Semi-final 2

by | May 12, 2023 | Eurovision

Quick verdict: Semi-final 2

by | May 12, 2023 | Eurovision

image: Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU

No idea what happened, but now I’m less grumpy than around the beginning of the Eurovision week. Luxembourg returning to Eurovision helps a bit too. Best conditions to get to my verdict on semi-final 2, which was harder to predict, but easier to enjoy.

I find the general presentation of Eurovision this year is still not ideal, including the theme colours, and some of the material that’s used during the ad breaks is of less value than an actual ad break would be. But the hosts’ wardrobe improved a lot compared to Tuesday, so at least something positive to comment on. But let me get to my three highlights from yesterday:


The definition of selling a song. I have never liked “Bridges”, I found it too depressing and grave, especially the downwards-going “dges” note feels like a heavy load. Anyway, last night happened, and that’s when she really sold the song to me. While not having predicted its qualification before, I knew I was wrong a minute into the performance.


We had lots of dramatic Albanian wailing on red stages before, but never before was it done as adorably as Albina & Familja Kelmendi with “Duje”. And I know I’m not the only one who was positively surprised last night, after having kind of neglected “Duje” between Festivali i Këngës and Eurovision week. My Albania love is back again, I wish them all the best for Saturday.


Nearly perfect really. Just nicer dresses for the backing singers would lift it to the top level. But hey, backing singers! That alone is worth an acknowledging mention nowadays. Great staging, great song, and hey, an excellent draw on Saturday. If I’m not totally wrong, this can and will do a North Macedonia 2019 on Saturday, or even more.

So much about last night, and now it’s time to take a breath before the main thingy tomorrow. I have to start thinking about predictions, I guess. It won’t be as easy as I thought. Cheers!

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