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Rehearsals Day 1 LIVE: From Australia to Ireland

by | May 8, 2021 | 2021 Rehearsal Liveblogs, escgo at Eurovision, Eurovision

Rehearsals Day 1 LIVE: From Australia to Ireland

by | May 8, 2021 | 2021 Rehearsal Liveblogs, escgo at Eurovision, Eurovision


Hello again! This morning, we’ve already covered the rehearsals of Lithuania, Slovenia, Russia and Sweden.

Now it’s time for the remaining three countries for today: Australia, North Macedonia and Ireland!

Remember to refresh this page for new updates over the course of the afternoon.

5. Australia

We’re seeing “making of” scenes of the Technicolour Live-On-Tape recording. Approximately 10 seconds. That’s all, it seems. That’s apparently really.. it.

You can watch for yourselves:

6. North Macedonia

So the next that we’re going to see is indeed the first rehearsal of any 2021 song, that didn’t use a performance in their official video, as it’s time for North Macedonia! How will they stage this? We’ll find out soon.
At least, we’re waiting for the feed to begin. Like I said earlier today, this year, the first run-through of each country’s rehearsal is closed to the public.

My favourite bird is singing in the neighbour’s garden, which is already better than a mowing machine. Let’s see if Vasil can compete.

The first shot is just completely black, as the camera moves sidewards to eventually capture Vasil. He begins standing in complete darkness, but oh, look, there’s something glowing at his microphone stand. Now he’s fuming, and glittery stars emerge from him. It’s probably augmented reality. We’re not sure.
The stage lights used here come in orange / golden colour. He himself wears a black suit, but it looks as if it’s halfway broken on the back. Some fabric is hanging down from his back, and leaves us with question marks.

Oh. Now he’s opening his jacket, only to reveal a shirt that’s shining like a disco ball.

Vocally it’s perfectly aright, but it’s probably the first thing that people will have laughs from. So much kitsch, and a huge ending.

In the second run-through that we’re seeing, two things became certainty: 1. He’s holding back and doesn’t try to nail the higher notes. 2. The hanging piece of fabric is there on purpose.

The whole thing does have a few awkward shots and moments, but it will certainly also have an audience. Whether that audience can be motivated to vote, that’s not a certainty yet, but I think North Macedonia will do better than what people have thought up until this moment.


7. Ireland

It’s Ireland’s turn, and it’s also time for truth. How will Lesley sound? As artificial and processed as in the video? How will she come across? As stressed and lost as in the clip? I really hope that Ireland will surprise me, because I do like the composition.

So I got myself a coffee, and now I’m waiting for the Online Press Centre to start showing Lesley’s second run-through.

What we already gather from the rumours in the chat is that Ireland is going to use a very complex staging, hence the long waiting time.

So NOW we get to watch Ireland. Lesley is dressed in green, barefoot, and begins… I am just not sure how to even DESCRIBE this. None of it. If you think that’s a good sign, you’re wrong. She’s moving around some kind of pop-up book world, partially walking on a bengtssonesque treadmill. I’m not sure whether the world she’s placed into is augmented reality or actually made of real props.

Update: Looking at the official photos, it’s now obvious that Ireland’s staging is – for the largest parts, if not all – based on real props.

Her vocals definitely SOUND better than in the video, to the expense that it now becomes obvious that she’s vocally underwhelmiing. At least, she seems to enjoy herself. The much bigger problem this time however is the staging, which looks very half-cooked at this point.

Just before the last chorus, she leaves the pop-up-book world behind, and walks from the main stage to the satellite stage.

We only got one run-through of this, but my impression is: It’s too much, too messy, too confuse to do anything. It was never a qualifier, and it’s even less so now.


That’s it for today – see you tomorrow!

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