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A coffee and a column: Dark Horses

by | May 3, 2022 | 2022 Home Blog, Eurovision, Featured

A coffee and a column: Dark Horses

by | May 3, 2022 | 2022 Home Blog, Eurovision, Featured

Good morning, Eurovision!

The dust of the first days has settled a bit, and the 2nd rehearsals are around the corner. As of tomorrow, we will learn a lot more about the stagings and performances compared to what was made freely available so far.

One doesn’t have to watch any short video clips to get the impression that the fan community has launched its annual ritual practice again, which has been executed since 1999 (or so) with the following sequence, sometimes on loop:

1. Overflowing drama (check), followed by 2. the proclamation of 2-3 dark horses (this year it’s Portugal, Greece and Cyprus from what I observed), and 3. the downfall of at least one big favourite (that one apparently hasn’t happened yet).

But dark horses hardly ever win nowadays. Gone seem the days when Eurovision winners were only “discovered” suddenly during the rehearsals (as bombastically happened 2000 with “Fly On The Wings Of Love”), gone seem the days when the actual winner wasn’t widely expected (to win) already before the beginning of the rehearsals. What was the last surprise winner? Some will say “1944”, but others will say they always knew it could win. “Running Scared” is another candidate, but we probably have to go back to 2002 and “I Wanna” if we really wanna find a winning song that hardly anyone had in their prediction before rehearsals started.

I would really appreciate a total surprise winner, or at least, a dark horse winner. Let it be Portugal, Greece or Cyprus… I would approve. But I don’t believe it will happen (yet).

And with the completion of my dark horse coffee, I’m also near completion of today’s column post.

Happy last day before rehearsals REALLY start for us fans,


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